Two dogs playing with duck toy

Half Term fun with your pets

It can be a challenge keeping the kids entertained over the school holidays, particularly if you are on a budget or have pets at home that make long days out more challenging. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun activities you can do to keep your pets and your children entertained. Here are some fresh school holiday survival tips and ideas from We Love Pets.

Try somewhere new

Why not take your dog for a walk somewhere new, or take everyone to a park to play some fun outdoor games, such as frisbee, fetch or chase? New places to sniff and explore are great mental stimulation for dogs…and the kids!

Build a DIY obstacle course

Try building an obstacle course with your kids for your pet to try out. These are great for all animals, whether they are big dogs, slow tortoises or hamsters – they will provide mental stimulation and physical exercise, especially if they are motivated with a treat at the end! You could use cardboard tubes, hula hoops, build something out of spare wood, or get some pop-up tunnels. If the weather is too bad to go to an outdoor space, maybe come up with a puzzle for your pet to solve. For example, an empty plastic bottle with treats inside, with the cap off or small holes cut out for the treats to fall through when your pet bats it – this is great for both cats and dogs. Just make sure the holes don’t have sharp edges!

Play dates

If your children have friends with friendly dogs, you could host a doggie playdate. Children are always excited to play with their friends’ pets and we’re sure your pets will be just as eager! Meet somewhere neutral outside of your home to allow the dogs to get acquainted and to ensure nobody gets territorial, then back to your house for water and a treat while the kids play. We recommend no more than one doggie playmate at a time.

The great outdoors

Another fun activity is to go camping. Camping makes for a great quick getaway and isn’t expensive – plus, it’s packed with the outdoor fun your dog lives for! Forests, beaches and wide-open spaces – the perfect tonic for a hectic school term for you and your children, and your dog will love every minute. If camping isn’t for you, visit Dog Friendly Britain to see hundreds of dog days out you and your family can go on across the UK. 

See what local events are on

Check your local press to see what fun days might be happening during the half term. Most fun days take place outside and are especially fun for young children, and some might take place on larger fields or commons that may allow you to bring a dog.

Bake your own treats

There are so many recipes out there that you can make you’re your dogs and other animals, and some of them are so easy that your kids can make them! Here are five recipes that you and your children can make for your dogs.

Stay tuned for our pancake recipe for dogs on Pancake Day…