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How to spoil your pet on Valentines, and all year long!

Dinner for dogs – £12

Lily’s kitchen offers many products from tasty treats to luxury hampers but have you ever considered spoiling your pooch with a luxurious homemade dinner? This recipe book for dogs includes over 50 home cooked recipes to get your dog drooling this Valentines. We are all guilty of indulging our pets with biscuits and leftovers from last nights’ dinner however this is the perfect solution to treat your pet using a recipe that is dog friendly and delicious.


Pet Head

 Whether you’re a cat owner or a dog owner, you’ll know that all pets are muck magnets and are almost impossible to keep clean. Pet head was created by the owners of Toni & Guy Salons and offers a wide range of products for both cats and dogs. The range includes products for shedding, cracked paws and even doggy perfume. Many of the products do not exceed £10 making it very affordable.



 This wacky, doggy refreshment is perfect for any celebration. Our pets love to join in on the fun and this is an ideal treat to include your pet in your Valentines celebrations. This product should be served over food and comes with two flavour options; pet-house white or pet-house rose. The white ‘wine’ consists of elderflower, linden blossom and ginseng whereas the rose also contains a hint of carrot. A single bottle of Pawsecco costs just £2.99 or you can add on gift wrap and a bow tie for £3.99 and a gift box for £7.49.


Cookie Snax – £13

 Whether you’ve been showered with chocolates by a secret admirer or are having a cosy evening on your own, everyone loves to indulge in sugary treats on Valentines day. This tasty, cookie selection box is perfect for your dog to join in. These fun treats are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain no sugar or salt. There are 20 cookies inside and each have a unique design.


PawHut luxury pet sofa – £48.99

 This pet bed is both sophisticated and comfortable. With a wooden frame covered in PVC on the outer and a removable cushion made from soft flannelette, this product would look great in any living room. The bed is lightweight for easy transport, has a washable cushion cover for practicality and has plastic, round feet for stability. It also has a handy pocket at the back for storing toys and treats.


P.L.A.Y wobble ball interactive treat dispenser

 This interactive dog toy will keep your pet busy for hours. Not only does it provide enrichment but it rewards your dog for their persistence and intelligence. Its unique shape allows the toy to roll around and make sounds to keep your dog interested. It consists of 3 cloud-shaped openings for easy insertion of treats and removal.


Mix and Match Gift Box for Cats

 Choose from a wide range of personalised gift boxes to spoil your cat this valentines. Each gift box is different with a selection of toys, treats and even drinks. You can also include your pets name for a more bespoke surprise. This luxury, organic gift box will arrive beautifully packaged with a gift tag to include your own message.