Woman crouching next to a puppy on a lead

How to toilet train your dog

By Amy Pearson, APDT Advanced Dog Trainer & We Love Pets Franchisee

Three top tips to toilet training

Frequency is key!

Take your puppy out every two hours, straight after he eats and whenever he drinks. Even during the night, he needs these regular trips, I know setting your alarm for every two hours seems extreme but it’s worth it in the long run the less accidents that occur the quicker your pup will learn and the quicker you can get back to a normal sleeping routine!

Don’t tell your puppy off

Do not scold your puppy if he goes in the wrong place. This is a common mistake; your puppy is more likely to learn not to go to the toilet in front of you as it will be told off than it is to learn not go in that area! This can lead to all sort of problems so it is best just to ignore it and when he does go in the right place, give him lots of praise. He’ll soon get the idea!

Buy a really good cleaner

Buy a cleaner that is specifically designed for animal smells. If the smell isn’t eliminated properly your puppy may be encouraged the go in an undesirable location again because he can smell himself there.