Dog at door

Keeping your dog amused while you’re at work

We all wish we could spend all our time at home with our dogs, but unfortunately we have to work. So, other than hiring our fantastic walkers at We Love Pets for a visit and walk, how can you keep your dogs amused whilst they’re home alone?

We have some brilliant ideas from the We Love Pet’s Team that you can try yourself:

We Love Pet’s Vet Nurse Sophie Baldwin recommends:

Save juice cartons and fill with a few treats. Can make a noise by shaking them around to try and get the treat out. The dog can shred it up to get to treat without causing any damage as it’s only made from cardboard.

On warmer days freeze ice cubes and leave them scattered around kitchen floor. They are fun to crunch and play with as they melt and skid around the floor. You could even freeze something like a gravy bone in one of them so as it melts or is crunched a treat is revealed!

Leave the Relax My Dog 8-hour relaxing music playlist playing on YouTube. It plays for a full 8 hrs while you are at work.

Vet Dr Craig Waldon recommends:

If a dog has access to outdoors (with appropriate security and shelter), scatter some of their food on the lawn, so that they have to find it.

Aside from ready-made activity feeders, you can make a homemade feeder from an empty plastic bottle, with the lid taken off – this can even be suspended at dog height.

Dog TV

Believe or not, Dog TV is a thing! You can sign up to Dog TV’s official streaming service for 24 hour programming scientifically developed especially for dogs. Hey, most of us like to be a couch potato once in a while!

In 2012, Colorado State University conducted a study that showed that playing classical music to dogs reduced behaviors associated with anxiety and stress and increased behaviors associated with relaxation. So next time you fancy popping out, why not leave a little Holst playing for your debonair hound to enjoy.

The Petcube – watch and interact with your dog while you’re away

This is just great. Not only can you monitor your dog visually whilst you are away, but you can actually interact with them audibly too! But not just that, you can play with them using a laser pointer. It has a mobile app, with which you can share access with your friends and family, so they can interact with your dog from anywhere too! Your pet need never be lonely again. There is a great video explaining it on their website.

Food dispensing toys

There are many great options around currently; the Kong is a very popular example. There is a huge range of products designed for all breeds of dog. You can also purchase treats and fillings to go inside the KONG to keep your dog interested.

If you wanted something to promote more movement then the BusyBuddy Kibble Nibble is another. The Nina Ottosson range provides great puzzles too.

Hide and Seek

Try hiding some of their favourite things around the house for them to find. You can practice this whilst you are at home to help your dog become familiar with looking for treats. Then you can hide their toys with a treat around the house and communicate the start of the game with your pooch before you leave!