Dog laying in ocean

Keeping your Dog Cool in Summer

In the hot heat of the summer months trying to keep yourself cool and hydrated is pretty important, we as humans are easily able to do this but our furry friends might need some assistance. Let’s talk about ways to keep your dog as cool as a cucumber this summer! 

Why does my dog need help to cool down?  

Don’t wait for signs of heat exhaustion in your friend, be proactive when it comes to cooling your dog, don’t let it get to the point where there could be a possibility of getting heatstroke. 

What are the signs of heatstroke? 

  • Listlessness 
  • Glazed eyes 
  • Heavy breathing 
  • High body temperature 
  • Collapsing 

Heatstroke is a medical emergency that requires immediate veterinary attention! 

Tips to keep your dog cool in the summer heat 

Cooled water 

Having water available at all times is an absolute necessity for your dog. A good way to keep your friend cool is to freeze their water bowl overnight and add some cooled water to the bowl.  

Cold and delicious snacks 

Indulging on a cool/frozen snack can also be a brilliant way to keep your companion as cool as an ice cube. How about freezing treats or even a chew toy, or even freezing cubes of bananas covered in peanut butter or maybe the idea of making a dog safe fruit lolly pop interest’s you more. Let your creative side take over and create some delicious frozen snacks. 

Splish Splash! 

Swimming can be a very effective way to keep your dog cool in the summer heat. Maybe consider placing a paddling pool in your garden for your friend to relax and splash in, or even letting your pup go for a lovely dip in a beautiful dog safe lake or river. 

Cooling ice packs 

Sometimes in really hot summer weather it might be worth keeping your dog inside, the heat of the sun can just be too hot to handle. Maybe consider putting ice packs under a blanket for your dog to lay on.