Harrods is a world famous department store full of designer products and designer price tags. The huge store has its own ‘Pet Kingdom’ fully equipped with a pet spa, pet store, canine cookie company and more!

Harrods Pet Spa

 Treat your dog to the ultimate grooming and pamper experience. The Pet Spa offers a range of treatments including physiotherapy, massages, Reiki therapy, behavioural support, nutrition advice and more! For your pooch, why not indulge them with a mud bath or perhaps a “pawdicure”. For those purring cats, they’ll be in paradise with a blueberry and vanilla facial. They even offer olive oil treatments for tortoises! This may be a one off treat with prices starting at £59.95.


Mungo & Maud

This is one of the pet fashion brands found in Harrods. Here you can find almost any lead, toy or bed you have ever dreamed of purchasing for your pet. Mungo and Maud sell a range of products to keep your pet effortlessly stylish as well keeping them protected from the soggy British weather. This cashmere, cable knit pullover is no bargain starting at £149.50 but will give your dog the ultimate comfort experience.

Canine Country Club

 We all need a break every now and then and head abroad to soak up some sun but it can be hard leaving your pet behind. To ensure your dog is in good hands and getting a holiday of their own, the Canine Country Club offers luxury accommodation to make your pet feel right at home. They have 15 luxury suites; 12 Clubhouse suites, 2 Penthouse suites and one Executive suite. Each suite is equipped with underfloor heating, large windows so your dog doesn’t feel trapped and its own bed with a duvet. To provide the very best service, all of your dogs needs can be catered to whether its changing the temperature of their suite or showering them with gifts from home. You can even book your dog in for hydrotherapy sessions during their stay.


Tweed & Leather Dog Sofa

This stunning dog bed has been designed with chesterfield sides and back to give it a luxurious look and feel. It is made from Scottish brown audley tweed and has four wooden legs. The bed also comes with a faux fur brown blanket for the colder, winter months. Gift wrapping and a hand written tag can be included and there is even the option for personalised engraving in a small selection of fonts.

Grey Herringbone Harris Tweed Collar

 This stylish collar is handmade in Scotland and is also available in a number of other Harris Tweed styles. It carries the authentic ‘Orb’ stamp and is backed with moleskin. This provides durability and a velvety touch. The collar is complete with an aluminium clasp and stainless steel D ring. When making your purchase there is also the option to add on the matching lead. This high quality collar comes with a high price ranging from £24.95-£52.90 depending on which size you need.


Cat Exercise Wheel

This One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel allows your cat to exercise any time of day and has an open design to allow your cat to enter from both sides. It is ideal if you’re cat spends a lot of time at home alone and has a foam surface for safe footing. This product is made from recycled plastic and is both sturdy and lightweight.


The Catipilla Pro

 Turn your home into a cat playground with the Catipilla Pro. This encourages your cat to climb in the most natural way possible and prevents them from shredding the furniture. This has been designed to be a stylish and hassle-free alternative that offers fun and exercise.