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Most Popular Pets in the UK

In the UK, there is an estimated 12 million households that have pets. That is equal to 44% of households. The question is, which pets are the UK’s favourites? Here are the top 8 pets for households in the UK…

Type of pet % of households with that pet
Dogs 24
Cats 17
Fish 8
Rabbits 2
Guinea pigs 2
Reptiles 1.5
Domestic fowl 1
Hamsters 1

That is roughly…

It comes as no surprise that Cats and dogs are at the top of the list however surveys show that certain pets are desired more by adults and others by children. It has been found that cats are one the household pets that is in fact desired equally by adults and children.

Exotic pets are much less popular than small mammals due to the amount of equipment and knowledge that is required to keep them however the demand for exotics in the UK is certainly on the rise.

Why do we love our pets so much?

Pet owners tend to embrace their animals as part of their family; dogs in particular are very popular due to their companionship. Dogs are pack animals and often see their human family as members of their pack. Humans and dogs are both reliant on each other. Humans provide dogs with food, toys and a comfortable home and dogs provide humans with love and protection.

Research suggests that cuddling an animal boosts oxytocin levels and makes us feel happy. An animals companionship can combat loneliness and bring us comfort.