Black pig laying being petted

Pet Spotlight: All About Pigs

March is National Pig Month an event that occurs annually and is all about celebrating the wonderful Pig throughout the month of March. From their cute snouts to their delicate ears, we love every inch of Pigs. And can you really blame us? They are playful, friendly, and incredibly intelligent also!  

History of National Pig Month: 

National Pig Month began in 1972 when two sisters by the names Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave, decided it was time to accord the pig its rightful place as one of man’s most intelligent and domesticated animals. Then the first official celebration of the Pig took place that year. Since then, there have been fun activities such as a “snort off” competition, pig parades, and pig-themed arts and crafts activities.  

How can we celebrate National Pig Month: 

There are tons of ways we can celebrate and show our love to these amazing animals, and here’s a thew of them! 

A Pig on the big screen: 

One brilliant way to celebrate National Pig Month is by watching a film that stars the magnificent creature, like Babe! Or maybe you would prefer to watch a documentary? If so, there are plenty of documentaries about pigs on various websites for you to indulge in. 

Pet a Piggy: 

Another fun and wholesome way of celebrating the event would definitely be visiting a petting farm. It’s not just fun for you but also for the Piggies! Since they are friendly animals and love their belly rubs.  

Pigs! Read all about it: 

If you are a book lover maybe you would enjoy reading a book about these fascinating animals, whether it’s a storybook or even an information book! The world is your oyster. 

A shout out for a piggy: 

National Pig Month isn’t really heard about, so why not give it a shout-out? Inform your friends and follows of the spectacular event with a simple shout-out. 

6 Interesting Pig Facts! 

Pigs are wonderful animals, and also rather fascinating! And here is why: 

  • Pigs are clean animals 

Pigs are clean animals; you might laugh at that statement. But nevertheless, it is true! Pigs being dirty animals is a common misconception.  

  • Are pigs smarter than dogs?! 

Yes, it’s true! Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals, and their high level of intelligence consistently ranks them as one of the smartest animals in the world.  

  • A powerful sense of smell 

A pig’s sense of smell is by far their strongest sense, their sense of smell is around 2000 times more sensitive than a human! 

  • They can’t fly, but they can most definitely swim and run! 

While pigs may not look awfully agile, they can reach speeds of up to 17 kilometers per hour. In many parts of the world pigs have been observed swimming, but especially in the Bahamas.  

  • Fantastic memories 

Scientific studies show that pigs can remember locations of where food can be found, are able to remember directions to navigate their way home and can even recognize and remember different humans and other pigs. 

  • A pig with a personality 

As with humans, dogs, and cats, pigs possess their own individual personalities and behavioural traits.