Two cats playing with Christmas themed toy

Purr-fect Christmas Presents for your Kitty

Even at We Love Pets we don’t know what cats make of Christmas, except that the wrapping paper, string and bows are fantastic extra playthings for them to enjoy chasing and catching. However, we are often asked by owners what they can buy their favourite feline as a ‘proper’ present so here are some ideas that we think they will appreciate receiving as much as you enjoy giving.

  1. Kitty City Caribbean Cruiser

This fun ‘play station’ will keep kitty entertained for hours with a dangly toy and ribbons to attack and swat away at! There’s a hidey hole in the bottom with a crinkly pad where they can take a nap after so much fun. It’s durable and made from easily cleaned material that has a close mesh to stop claws getting caught. For more information visit http://www.petplanet.co.uk/product.asp?dept_id=5948&pf_id=61839 

  1. Christmas Feast Gift Box

Our Christmas Feast Gift Box for Cats will make your kitty’s eyes sparkle brighter than the shiniest bauble on the tree. Inside, there’s a whole winter menu of delicious meals, including our scrumptious festive recipe for cats – Christmas Turkey Feast – for joining in with the family. There’s also a jolly red and white ceramic bowl to enjoy all this goodness in, and some charming Christmas crackers. Give them a twist to discover the tempting treats within – perfect for special moments together by the fireside.Visit https://www.lilyskitchen.co.uk/products/christmas/christmas-shop-for-cats/item/christmas-feast-gift-box-for-cats for more details. 

  1. Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Maze 

This fun way to give your cat treats is a completely new and unique concept in activity games. Just hide the treats and let your cat figure out how to find them. Great fun on its own or you can create your own puzzle game by combining several different games. Available in a range of different difficulty levels, there’s one perfect for your pet. For more details visit http://www.nina-ottosson.com/products/great-for-cats/mixmax-puzzle-c-cat-level-3.html

  1. Catch Interactive Feeder

Catch is an innovative feeder that stimulates a cat’s natural instinct and helps turn feed-time into an inspiring hunting game. Not all cats have free access to the outdoors and Catch is modelled on a tuft of grass to replicate foraging and searching indoors.  Also, as the speed of eating is slowed, Catch is perfect to use for over-weight cats or those prone to gulping and digestive problems. More details at http://companyofanimals.co.uk/product/catch-interactive-cat-feeder

  1. Christmas pudding cat toy

This handmade Catnip Christmas pudding cat toy would make a purrfect Christmas gift for all fat cats out there. Made from felt and generously stuffed with premium Canadian catnip and a little wadding (to keep the shape). The pudding is around the size of a tennis ball and is topped off with some festive holly leaves and berries and presented a lovely little white box. details available at https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/freakmeowt/product/catnip-christmas-pudding-cat-toy

  1. Catit Design Senses Massage Centre

All cats love being pampered and this brilliant product has been designed to manipulate your cat’s natural senses providing calm and relaxation. It has a variety of scuplted textures and surfaces including a gum stimulator, ripple massager for intense rubbing pleasure to head, neck and face and body stroke groomers for intense massaging. The accu-pressure mat provides a pressure point paw massage. See http://www.petplanet.co.uk/product.asp?dept_id=804&pf_id=8929 for more details.

  1. Luxury Cat Sofa

Cats seem to have this knack of finding comfortable places to relax so why not give yours a taste of the high life with this Professor Pet Bed. Constructed with a quality timber frame, this luxurious bed is elevated to reduce draughts for additional warmth. With built in storage perfect for toys and treats, the thick plush cushion will ensure optimum comfort for your pet. Further details at http://www.charliesdirect.co.uk/elska-professor-pet-bed-brown?gclid=CKTPibm0mMkCFYyRGwodqYsHcw

  1. Gingerbread cat tree

We all know that cats to love to climb, explore and relax and this enormous, extra sturdy cat tree provides the perfect indoor adventure for even large and heavy ones. The 11cm thick scratch poles and scratch ladder offer plenty of opportunities for them to maintain their claws, and might even save your furniture from getting scratched. The roomy den with its little rounded balcony is ideal as a place to hide, or a lookout spot for cats who like to be up high. See http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/cats/scratching_posts/large/large_cat_trees_height_180_cm_over_/369018 for sizes.

  1. Senses Speed Circuit 

Here is the perfect toy for an amazing game of high speed chase which indulges your pet’s natural hunting instincts.  It has an illuminated ball, roller coaster tracks and crazy speeds – just the right ingredients for an exciting game of chase that will keep them occupied for hours. More information can be found at http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/cats/cat_toys/catit_design_senses/232768?rrec=true 

10. Willow’s Wicker Catnip Ball Cat Toy

This makes a wonderful stocking filler for your feline friend.  Made with premium quality catnip and willow, owner and pet alike can have hours of enchanting fun playing chase with this simple gift.  Available at http://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/willows-wicker-catnip-ball-cat-toy

Our professional pet care teams at We Love Pets are available to guide you if you are unsure of the suitability of a gift you are thinking of purchasing for your pet, we are always here to help. For details of your local pet care team and the wide range of services they can provide, visit www.we-love-pets.co.uk.

Editors Note

The above suggestions are provided by We Love Pets for information purposes only. It is independent advice made using our many years experience of owning and caring for pets ourselves. We do not sell any of the above products and derive no financial reward if readers purchase them.

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