Cat laying on a rug

Ways to Bond with your Cat

If you are a pet parent, like myself, you would know that one of the greatest times in our day would be when we get to spend quality time with our pets.
Whilst most people assume cats aren’t very fond of human company, I think us dedicated cat owners can confirm that this is not the case.

Cats are more commonly known to have unique, independent and at times hostile personalities, however when properly understood and time has been taken to allow for a relationship to be built, those traits begin to become a distant memory of your past thoughts.

Different types of personalities in our Feline friends.

Just like me and you, all cats have different types of traits and desires, not to mention moods depending on how they’re feeling on a particular day.

According to the Feline-ality website, cats have 9 different personalities/traits, that have been coded into three different colours, green, orange and purple.

  • Green: Green cats tend to be adventurous and self-sufficient. These types of personalities would do well with owners who want an adaptable cat that can keep themselves occupied.

They typically show traits such as, being the ‘leader of the band’

  • Orange: Orange cats are companion felines, so would do well living alongside an affectionate owner who has time and dedication to communicate and offer lots of attention.

They typically show traits such as being the ‘executive’ ‘sidekick’ and ‘personal assistant’.

  • Purple: Purple coded cats are shy and would serve well having a patient owner, who allows time for the cat to adjust and will appreciate that these cats steer clear of trouble.

They typically show traits such as being ‘private investigator’ ‘secret admirer’ and ‘love bug’

Being able to understand your cat’s personality is essential to allow for bonding, so you are aware of what your cat likes and will respond to.

Such as where they like to be stroked, what they enjoy eating and when they’re playful, tired or ready for a nice snuggle with their favourite human.

How you can begin to bond with your cat.

Now we have a brief understanding on certain personalities in cats, the next step is to adapt new ways to bond with your fluffy friend.

Whilst it may seem like building a relationship with your cat may require a lot of work and time, all they really need is a patient owner who is committed and consistent with what they do.

You could try many things to begin bonding, here are some useful tips to get you started on perfecting yours and your pet’s relationship.


Try offering your cat some of their favourite treats and foods. This is a good way to start bonding as here you can experiment with different foods and find out just what your cat likes best.

Offer get away spaces

Just like us, maybe that little bit more, cats enjoy having some personal alone time, so having a little escape away from humans can really help improve the relationship between you and your cat. This is a simple, yet effective way to help improve your cats’ behaviours as well as bonds.

As said by Dr Koski, “cats should have a space where they feel hidden, but still be able to see what’s going on inside the room”. It is important as the owner that you respect these spaces when your cats are in them.

Make time for play

Focused play is extremely beneficial for both the owner and cat, it promotes bonding too. Prey sequence is a great way to start, as for cats, preying is a natural instinct. “The prey sequence consists of starring, stalking, pouncing, chasing, grabbing and performing a kill bite”, Koski says.

We are fortunate enough to have many different toys to choose from, and so just as you would with your child, having a variety of things to play with on different days, whilst not essential, is beneficial. The wand is probably the first toy you should try or you can even get creative and make do with what you’ve already got at home. For instance, my cats enjoy a little play with my hair scrunchies, simple, yet effective.

The main way to bond with your cat really is just learning their personality allowing for you to get a better understanding of who they are as an individual, once you have conquered this, building a relationship with them becomes a lot easier, as you will be familiar with what they enjoy, and they will greatly appreciate that you respect that they are all different and not one meets all.