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Why pet sitting could be the perfect alternative to boarding

There is always an element of stress with holidays or business trips – planning, packing and then actually going. Having a pet sitter takes away the added stress of packing up all your pet’s essentials and toys to take to a boarder’s and then dropping them off the day before or the day you go. It makes life easier to leave everything at home and have one of our trusted pet sitters come to look after your pets in an environment that your pet is already comfortable in.

“The ability for pets to remain in their own environment where they are comfortable can really decrease their anxieties and help them to keep more of a normal routine.” – Chelsea Wheeler, WLP vet nurse.

Our pet boarders and pet sitters operate to the same high standards with very similar roles, just in different locations – the boarder’s house or your house. We sometimes hear that in some (not all) boarding situations that your pet is often left to entertain themselves unless you pay extra for play session or walks. This is not the case at We Love Pets. Your pet will receive constant care and attention whether they are being boarded or being looked after in their own home.

Will your pet prefer boarding or pet sitting?

Your pet’s temperament should be taken into account when choosing to use a boarder or pet sitter. It may be that you have a dog who’s very friendly and thrives being with other dogs, in which case they will enjoy being boarded with other dogs more.

However, if your pet is anxious or does not take well to new environments, then pet sitting is the way to go. This is especially true for anxious animals who find a new environment and unknown animals and people stressful.

“Kennel situations for these pets can be extremely stressful, causing them to go off their food, weight loss, stress cystitis (in cats), over grooming, aggression and other behavioural issues.  If we combine these issues with any medical concerns these pets already have, for example, epilepsy or diabetes, we can have a big problem with instability and worsening of symptoms.” – Chelsea Wheeler, WLP vet nurse.

We Love Pets Silene Sans is an experienced pet sitter in Barnet. “We see a lot of dogs who are not comfortable with lots of other dogs – they are not used to being in a crate or kennel situation and need more constant human contact.”

All dogs and cats we board will have to be neutered for the safety of other animals and people – also we’re sure you don’t want any surprises in a few months!

Silene continues, “A lot of clients get into contact with us for dog boarding. On many occasions, their dogs are not neutered, or they have previous boarding experiences where their dogs were not settled well. As a result, they ended up marking the boarder’s house as their territory and dogs would be crying in the middle of the night. Bitches in season are also not able to be boarded with other dogs.”

Customer promise

Some people may also not be comfortable with others being in their home while they are not there, so prefer to send their dog to a boarder where they can have more peace of mind. We Love Pets already offers our customers’ peace of mind as part of our customer promise – all our staff are fully insured, police checked, and are pet first aid trained.

One of the services we offer as a pet/house sitter is carrying out any simple tasks you may need us to do while you are away. This could be picking up mail, watering plants or taking out the bins. It also gives our customers’ great peace of mind knowing that there is someone there looking after their house while they are away.

 “House sitting is a great alternative for any dog! We look after their dog and their home while they go away. I have collected deliveries, watered plants and being in contact with my clients regularly sending messages and photos. The dogs are happy being in their own environment. We have fun together while being at home, we also go out for as many walks as the owners need, and they have our company for most of the day (if not all day!).”

If you are looking for a pet sitter or dog boarder for your pet visit our branch finder and get in touch today.