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Why We Love Pets welcome the DEFRA dog boarding regulations

You may have read that new DEFRA regulations came into force on 1 October 2018 to help regulate the dog boarding and day care services provided around the country.

The main change is that dogs must have their own room, away from other animals if necessary. Conservatories, garages and outbuildings cannot be counted as a room for a dog.

We Love Pets welcome this change as we have never boarded by volume, primarily ensuring the dogs in our care get the best attention possible and aren’t put under any additional stress.

We understand it can be strange for a dog to be with someone else for a few days or weeks so we aim to make that time as gentle, peaceful and loving as possible. We believe the best way to do this is by keeping stress to a minimum and allowing them time on their own if they need it.

All of our branches currently work with their local councils to obtain the necessary license to legally board dogs safely and within the guidelines. Although there will be an increase in the licence fees, we believe it’s important for this business to be regulated well and hope the increase will mean any rogue boarders who do not comply with the regulations are identified and trading stops until they have everything in order.

A Defra spokesperson was quoted in the Telegraph clarifying the introduction of these new regulations; ‘The licensing systems for businesses that work with animals have not been reformed for almost fifty years, and these changes simplify these into one system for licensees and local authorities, helping consumers to make better informed decisions and improving animal welfare even further.’

Jo White, founder of We Love Pets said: ‘These DEFRA regulations enhance what our branches already do, plus all councils have been really impressed with our policies! We welcome this change’

Don’t be afraid to ask

If you’re considering using a dog boarder we recommend you arrange to visit them in advance and see where your pet will stay, also ask to see their up to date license from their local council.

At We Love Pets we want your pet to return to you refreshed and happy, just like you will be after your holiday.

We’ll also send regular updates and photos if you like!

Find out more about dog boarding in your area.

‘Thank you Caroline and Julie. It was lovely and reassuring to receive WhatsApp pictures while on holiday. I really appreciate the care and kindness shown to Harry. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you both to my family and friends.’

Yvonne Dunn with Harry (We Love Pets, Chorley)

Thank you for having merlot. Looking at all these gorgeous photos makes me so happy seeing he has literally had the best time. He is sooo tired. We popped out to do the food shop and when we came back he didn’t even jump off the sofa to greet us, just lifted his head and wagged his tail!

Merlot and his Mum! (We Love Pets, Bexhill-on-Sea)

My dog Charlie went to stay with Jo and her family. I couldnt have asked for someone better to look after him for the few days that i was away. He was so happy and content whilst there and when he came home he was soooo tired from all his adventures that Jo took him on and all the excitement of meering new doggy friends he slept for hours. Jo kept me updated daily with photos and things they had been getting up to my mind was completly at rest. Thank you so much and we will be back!!!

Charlie’s Mum! (We Love Pets, Trowbridge)