September is Pet Sitter Education month, which promotes educational awareness on the benefits of using a pet sitter. Getting away for the weekend? Although, your cat might be fine on its own for a couple of days, hiring a cat sitter is the best way to ensure your cat is ‘feline fine!’

Pet Sitter Education Month

Established by Pet Sitters International (PSI), Pet Sitter Education Month is a campaign that shines a spotlight on professional pet sitters and promotes continuing education for both sitters and owners alike. PSI encourages pet owners to do their research before hiring a pet sitter, and to choose a professional with training, experience, and qualifications. They provide educational materials for those currently working as pet sitters, or those aspiring to become one, as well as resources for pet owners to help them find a local, professional pet care company or sitter.

What is a pet sitter?

Pet sitters care for and supervise pets while their owners are out of the house during the day, or away on holiday for longer periods of time. Professional pet sitters are often trained in first aid, animal care, and have prior experience working with animals. Sitters care for pets by providing food & water, cleaning & replenishing litter boxes, taking dogs out for walks, administering medications, performing grooming tasks, and offering companionship. In short, pet sitters check on your pet and provide care to ensure that your pet is happy, safe, and healthy!

Sitters are an excellent alternative to traditional boarding facilities, such as kennels and catteries, as your pet can remain in the comfort of their home while receiving one-on-one individualised care.

Why hire a cat sitter

Pet sitters are brilliant at working with a variety of pets, but they’re especially beneficial when it comes to caring for cats! Cats are the ideal pets for sitting as they can be more independent, have lower rates of separation anxiety, and need less maintenance for care. And while most cats are okay on their own for 24 hours or less, if you’re planning to leave your pet for longer than 24 hours, it’s necessary to outsource care.

Food & Water

Cat sitters will provide fresh food and water daily, keeping with your cat’s routine. Some may think that it’s okay to leave an excess of food and water when away for a couple of days, but not all cats are savvy enough to make it last for the duration of your being stay. And although automatic feeders are handy, there’s always a chance of malfunction. Bringing in a cat sitter ensures that your cat will be appropriately fed and watered each day!


Some studies show that a cat can spend as much as 50% of their day grooming itself – they’re one of the cleanest pets you can have! Once trained to use a litterbox, they will kindly use the bathroom in a neat and tidy fashion. But after a couple of days, a litterbox can get full, especially if you have multiple cats. Having a cat sitter to clean and replace fresh kitty litter will keep both your cats and home clean & fresh.

Play & Attention

While some cats can be independent and aloof, others are friendly and sociable. If your cat enjoys human company and likes to play, a cat sitter can fulfil their attention needs. Animals are as prone to loneliness and isolation as we are, so a cat sitter is a must for cats that need human interaction!

Regular Updates

Who doesn’t love getting photos and videos of their pets? A cat sitter can send you updates in real time while your away, so you can see for your own eyes that your pet is happy and healthy. Many sitters will keep a log or journal with feeding habits, behaviours, funny anecdotes, or concerns so that you have a wholistic picture of what your cat experienced while you were away.

Home Maintenance

Another bonus is that when you find a trusted individual to care for your pet in your home, they can help maintain your house as well. Sitters can bring in your post, turn lights on or off, take bins out, and make sure your cat hasn’t turned to the furniture for their scratching sessions.

How to find a sitter

When looking for a trusted sitter, referrals from friends and family are a good place to start! We recommend doing thorough research to find out about an individual’s qualifications and background. You will be trusting them with your pet’s care, after all. It’s a good idea to look into reputable pet care companies that offer pet sitting services as many vet their sitters prior to hire, performing DBS checks and provide insurance.

Before hiring someone for care, conduct a face-to-face interview and arrange a meet & greet session. It’s important to have an opportunity to introduce yourself and your pet, express your wishes, and determine if the sitter will be a good match.

We Love Pets

Since 2007, We Love Pets has been providing award-winning pet care services across the UK. Each of our dog walkers, pet sitters, and home boarders is fully insured, pet first aid trained, DBS checked, and experienced in animal care. Each of our local branches offer premium pet sitting services, perfect for your cats, dogs, and small animals.

Whatever your pet care needs, We Love Pets is happy to help! Find your nearest branch here and get in touch today.