Claire from We Love Pets Solihull holding a dog

Meet Claire – We Love Pets Solihull

I’d wanted to leave employment and become my own boss for quite a while. You only live once so I decided now was as good a time as any to realise my dream.

Meet Claire, We Love Pets branch owner covering Solihull and surrounding areas.

We Love Pets was the only franchise I came across where I felt that you got a tangible return from what you put in, and that I would have the opportunity to provide for my family.

It came across in the meetings I had with head office and their literature that We Love Pets offered the right balance between being able to make my own decisions and grow the business at a speed that was right for me.

It would have taken far longer to get to a sustainable level of business by going it alone. We Love Pets have been doing this successfully for over a decade and offer the perfect ‘business in a box’ model.

How did you make your decision to buy into a We Love Pets franchise?

After lots of emails with Ryan, Franchise Director, and a face to face meeting where my partner accompanied me, I was made to feel that I would fit right in and that I was exactly the sort of person they were looking for. It reassured me that other branch owners are people just like me, people who want to create that work life balance without the stress and uncertainty of starting a business and having to learn so much more than just the service the business provides.

We Love Pets ongoing support with everything from accounting to marketing gives me the chance to focus on growing my business.

I’ll need to recruit local staff early on which I’ve never done before so I think that will be hard to start with, but there is so much helpful information on the We Love Pets staff intranet that it will ease my worries and give me the confidence to recruit good staff.

All the tools that I need to make this a real success are right here in front of me I just need to use them!

Claire will be covering Solihull and surrounding areas, although not far from Birmingham city centre Claire loves how green it is!

What I love about Solihull is the open green spaces. For somewhere that’s on the outskirts of Birmingham, Solihull is very green, the streets are tree lined and the parks are wonderful. We are also only five minutes from the countryside and all the major transport links too. Everything I need is here!

As a Mum of two Claire knows how to juggle her time.

Being my own boss means that I can choose my hours to better suit my young family and I can grow the business at a speed that enables me the flexibility to be there for our children as they grow.

I’m also hoping to lose some weight and get fit doing the dog walking! I found my health starting to suffer as a result of being sat down at a desk eight hours a day. I had a bad back and was so unfit I would get out of breath walking upstairs! I wasn’t exercising during the day and with looking after the children in the evening, I was too exhausted to go to the gym so that will all change soon as I’ll be outdoors all the time.

To find out more about the pet care and dog walking services Claire provides, take a look at her dedicated web page here.

If you’re interested in looking into running your own pet care business with We Love Pets then download our free brochure.