Craig Stevens from We Love Pets Ipswich holding dog

Meet Craig – We Love Pets Ipswich

Say hello to Craig our new Ipswich branch! Craig reached out to a nearby We Love Pets branch to find out more and become a dog walker for experience. The branch manager got Craig into contact with Ryan and shortly after the We Love Pets Ipswich branch was born!

What pets do you have? What are their names? 

I’m a surrogate father to kind natured, German Shepard, Ava. Who belongs to my mum, she only lives an hour away so I go and see her and will take Ava off her hands sometimes.  

What have you done previously before deciding to start your journey with WLP? 

I have been involved with a number of things, I was a Youth support worker and an assistant manager at a housing hostel for homeless people. Also, I’ve travelled, everywhere from the Philippines to New Zealand!  

What are you most excited about with having a WLP branch? 

It will be great to have the feeling of being in control of life, the level input I put in will be the level I put out. I’m excited to push this and see how far I can climb in this business. I’m definitely a dog person so the idea of working with them and other various pets every day is great.  

How did you discover WLP? 

By accident really. I was thinking of setting up a dog walking business, so I rang We Love Pets Colchester, to find out more about it and ask to get some work experience with them. They then passed me onto Ryan and things went from there.  

What hobbies do you have?

I’m a big outdoors person, I enjoy hiking and all things sport. Including football, rugby and badminton.