Lucy from We Love Pets Kidderminster hugging a dog

Meet Lucy – We Love Pets Kidderminster 

Meet Lucy, an animal enthusiast and welfare advocate who’s ready to trade her two-legged customers for their furry, four-legged counterparts. When browsing franchise opportunities for her husband one day, Lucy stumbled upon We Love Pets; “I had no idea there was an existing franchise that fitted me so well!”

We sat down with Lucy (virtually, of course) to get to know more about her, and why she chose We Love Pets. Lucy admits she had been thinking about a career change on and off for a while, but certainly never had a long-term business plan of her own. When she came across We Love Pets, she immediately fell in love with it and the rest, as they say, is history.

With a background in customer service, Lucy is a self-professed “people person,” and ready to take on this new challenge as a business owner! The combination of her service responsibilities from her previous position give her the confidence she needs to run her branch. Her aptitude for understanding people and her dedication to helping them will undeniably be an asset for her success.

Lucy decided to pursue the franchise model, over setting up on her own, primarily because of the stability it offered; “I knew I wasn’t experienced enough in business [to start up myself] – I would have been okay, but probably couldn’t have grown as much,” she says. After looking at a few other franchises, and one other pet care franchise in particular, We Love Pets won her won over. Lucy says that it was Managing Director, Ryan White’s, “110% commitment to pet welfare,” and the dedicated attitude of the entire team that really sold her. She especially liked that Ryan’s extensive knowledge of, and genuine passion for, animals and their wellbeing shone through in each of their conversations. It was important to her that animal welfare, education and advocacy were at the forefront of the We Love Pets mission, and she says, “I loved that the mentality is that pets come first, above all else.”

Lucy lives just along the outskirts of lovely Kidderminster; in an area she says is surrounded by gorgeous countryside with loads of open spaces to explore. An area native, she knows all of the best dog walking spots, and is especially fond of Hartlebury Common, Habberley Valley, and Wyre Forest, to name a few. Lucy and her husband have a full furry house – two cats and six rabbits! Cats, Betty and Wilma, are your typical “naughty torties,” and sisters from the same litter. Their six rabbits are a real passion for both of them and live in their very own bunny mansion.

When asked which animal was her favourite, Lucy wondered, “Is it too cheesy to say all animals and pets are my favourite?!” But if forced to choose, she ranks cats and rabbits together at the top. “Seriously though,” she says, “I love them all – dogs, horses, reptiles, small and furries, you name it!” In addition to being a complete and lifelong animal lover, Lucy is also a petrol head, and massive rugby fan! She and her husband share a passion for Land Rovers and rally cars, and Lucy has been a fan of her local rugby team, the Worcester Warriors, for as long as she can remember.

Ultimately for Lucy, owning a We Love Pets franchise is all about the balance it provides between being her own business owner, having a strong support network behind her, and the opportunity to do what she loves each day. Besides getting married to her wonderful husband and taking in their rescue pets (both cats and three rabbits so far!), Lucy credits her WLP Kidderminster branch as one of her biggest achievements to date. We are so excited to welcome Lucy and the Kidderminster branch to the We Love Pets family!