Nina from We Love Pets Aylesbury sitting with a dog in her lap

Meet Nina – We Love Pets Aylesbury

Franchising always seemed a hard and cold word to me. Not a personal/caring way to running a business.

But as soon as I came across the We Love Pets Franchise website it felt welcoming, transparent and I couldn’t wait to get in touch.

I liked how WLP did their background checks on me, as well as me on them. It reassured me that they want to invest in the right people to carry their brand forward too. We have spoken over the phone numerous times and have met for coffee. Ryan has been very supportive and open.

Why did you want to leave employment?

I realised that I was in an industry that had changed a lot from when I first started and actually I really couldn’t remember the last time I took any enjoyment or satisfaction from it. I went from being ‘hands on’ and really practical to being sat at a desk. The commute was long (and expensive) and the international travel became demanding. I was underpaid for the role I was doing and certain factors made the job way more stressful than it needed to be.

I’d regularly lose sleep over projects and constantly feel anxious. Being my own boss I’m sure will still be stressful but in a completely different, more manageable and positive way.

How long have you wanted to run your own business?

It has always been at the back of my mind but for serious consideration around 2 years.

The We Love Pets franchise opportunity is a way to run your own business but with a Head Office team to support you if needed.

What do you think you’ll find most challenging being a business owner?

The accounts side of things will be new to me and being solely responsible for all decisions, but there is finance and other business training as part of the franchise investment and an accountant on the WLP head office team who’s there to answer my questions and queries whenever they crop up, and not just in the first year!

We all worry about money from time to time and WLP knows that an investment in a franchise can be daunting, which is why we’re transparent with our costs and the success of our 34 other franchise owners, who are, on average, turning over £70,000 in their second year of trading.

Financially it was/is a worry as I’ve recently bought a house too – can I really have a financially viable business that will allow me to cover the mortgage and other outgoings? Reading the success stories of the other franchisees and being able to speak to them independently has reassured me that this is achievable, I just need to be prepared to work hard and that I can do!

What have you done in your past that you think will help you in your new venture?

I’m used to building relationships with clients and giving good customer service, plus as a dog owner myself, I understand the worry of leaving your dog or any of your animals with the right person – I hope I can reassure all of my customers that their pets are going to be loved and cared for as if they were my own.

I’m lucky that I live so close to lots of open space and greenery so I have the perfect playground for dog walking.

What will being your own boss mean most to you?

It will mean so much to me. No restrictions in regards to earning potential through doing something I love and being allowed to make decisions that I believe in.

And does anyone join you in your business?

I will be my own boss but eventually, I will take on a team to help me. I have a Red Setter, Tom, he’s 8, and loves being hoovered! He brings so much fun into our house and I know he’ll absolutely love meeting new friends when he can.

What would you say to anyone considering running their own We Love Pets franchise?

We Love Pets understand why people want to run their own business from a personal level. They very much have a ‘one big team’ outlook, even though you own the business you’re not totally going it alone and the stress of certain areas of the business are taken care of for you – if you are considering it, get in touch – you’ve really got nothing to lose by finding out.

Find out more about the services Nina will be offering, from Dog Walking to Small Animal Care in Aylesbury.

To find out more about potentially running your own We Love Pets franchise download our free brochure here.