Sarah from We Love Pets Blackwood kneeling with three dogs

Meet Sarah – We Love Pets Blackwood

But I trained as a teacher, what else can I do?

I had been teaching for 20 years and the last couple of years of my teaching career had been dreadful. The stress was making me ill. My health was beginning to suffer and family around me had noticed a big change in me.

When I handed my notice in it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a vet but instead I completed an Applied Biology degree at Cardiff University, and then I completed my PGCE in Caerleon which then led me into my teaching career. I have always had an enormous love for all animals, and I have had many pets so why I didn’t follow my childhood dream initially one will never know?

I began thinking of a change in career around two years ago and started looking at pet businesses and dog walking services in my area, Blackwood.

In October 2018 I came across an advert for We Love Pets dog walking and pet care franchises and loved their clean, information friendly website so I contacted them and arranged a meeting with Ryan. I have not looked back.

Ryan was amazing and I wanted to start straight away, WLP was everything I was looking for in a business and more – they don’t just give you the business in a box and walk away, they’re there throughout and beyond to support you on every phase of your journey, even when you’re established.

Me, a business owner?

I am very excited that I am now a business owner, the training and support from We Love Pets has been amazing – it alleviates any of that stress I’d have experienced building my own business from scratch.

Jo and Ryan have been wonderful, and they have both said that I will be amazing, and the customers will love me. The other franchise owners throughout the UK have given me lots of advice and tips, and I hope to meet up with the three Welsh franchisees shortly.

The only thing I am a little worried about is employing a team but when the time comes but I know there is a strong team around me at Head Office who will help me resolve any problems – they’ve been doing this for years so they are there to help me with everything.

Beautiful Blackwood

I am so very lucky where I live, you are never too far away from the stunning, beautiful rolling hills and countryside of Wales.

There are many country lanes, canals, valley walks and parks nearby. The dogs will have so much fun, as will I.

Sarah’s family
I live with my husband Paul and our three children, Leah, Owen and Chloe. All three are in education and Leah is applying to study veterinary medicine.

We have a dog named Willow, a Jack Russell, who loves nothing more than food and more food! She will sniff a treat out from a mile away so we need to be very careful with what we leave lying around in the kitchen because you can guarantee Willow will find it and gobble it up!

When we board dogs at home, we’ll have to make sure their snacks are hidden from her too!

And now?

Being my own boss means a better, healthier lifestyle for me, and my family.

I already feel like a different person, I can now become me again.

If you live in Blackwood or any other the surrounding towns and villages take a look at Sarah’s dog walking and pet sitting page for more information on the services she offers pet owners.

Ever considered turning your life around and running your own business? Find out more about a pet care franchise with We Love Pets here.