Sue from We Love Pets Altrincham and man both holding dogs

Meet Susan – We Love Pets Altrincham

I was looking for focus and a new lease of life, with new challenges and goals. I think I’ve found it!

For many years I have brought up my children and balanced part-time work. As my children are now older I want a new challenge.

My parents always had their own business, and as my children got older, I decided that I did not want to work for anyone else. My husband has run franchised businesses for many years so I was well aware of the concept of franchising. The appeal is that I can run my own business without being on my own.

The time was right for me to leave employment, and I could make the choice, without it affecting my family.

I chose the We Love Pets franchise as I was very impressed with their approach and outlook.

We have had a face to face meeting with Ryan and many e-mail and telephone conversations. Ryan felt that I would be perfect to carry the brand forward in my area.

The ultimate test for me was if I could leave my own dog in someone else’s hands, and I felt confident with We Love Pets.

I spoke to several franchisees within We Love Pets prior to my signing, and found them all without exception, enthusiastic and enjoying life. Everyone I have spoken to have made me feel that I will become a valued part of the team, which is such a lovely feeling.

I live with my husband David, our daughters Kate and Lydia, and Barney our Cocker Spaniel who’s 7 and doesn’t realise he’s a dog! We’re not telling him!

Barney has his own routine which he does not like to change! The older he gets, the more particular he gets too. One example is, he loves clean bedding and can sit for hours watching it dry on the line outside. As soon as it comes in, he will not settle until it goes in his bed then that’s him for the night. He is a lovely dog and a major part of our family.

We love where we live, Altrincham. There is a contrast between the city and lots of green open spaces and I can’t wait to enjoy the open air every day.

There are a couple of parks that I will be using for walks. These are ones I currently use and know them really well. One is Dunham Park in Altrincham which I will use predominantly for lead walks and the other is Tatton Park in Knutsford where the dogs can run free.

I feel nervous about running the business but my family are all behind me and I know I can count on their help alongside everyone at We Love Pets!

Being my own boss will mean freedom of choice and I am so excited to make a difference to my customer’s lives.

If you are looking for a dog walker or any dog sitter, pet sitting or pet care services in Altrincham then visit Susan’s page here.