If it’s back to school for the kids in September and back to work for you after lockdown then things will feel strange at home with a new, but vaguely familiar routine to follow. Throw a new puppy into the mix and things could get even more hectic! If you bought a puppy recently or are thinking about it, having puppy care to rely on when you go back to work could be a lifesaver.https://www.youtube.com/embed/W0WwrC1v5LE

You don’t have to work from home or work part-time to own a puppy. Lockdown has created a surge in demand for puppies with many new owners being young professionals who would not have necessarily contemplated having a puppy yet. Lockdown has given an unforeseen opportunity to spend that extra, essential time new pups need when they first come home. It’s a wonderful time to bond and for many, having a puppy has provided much-needed comfort and joy.

Fast forward a few weeks and the reality of returning to work and school is starting to set in. For full-time workers or those with a demanding schedule, you’ll need some outside help to make it work. Puppies don’t stay this intense and demanding forever but while they are still that adorable bundle of mad energy, we are here to help!

If you’re not going to be able to get home throughout the day for feeding and toilet training, you will need some puppy visits at the very least. Pups who have had your undivided attention for the last few weeks will also feel confused and stressed when you’re suddenly not around anymore, this is called separation anxiety and you can read about how you can help to prevent it here.

Puppy visits will definitely help to relieve separation anxiety, as well as offer your puppy the chance to develop into a well-balanced dog through basic training and enrichment as they grow. If you’ve managed to keep up a routine throughout lockdown, good for you! We will try to keep things as normal as possible for your beloved pup. We will visit your puppy at times agreed with you and provide updates throughout the day so you don’t have to worry and can see how much fun they are having with their We Love Pets pup carer.

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated we are happy to include short walks in your local area to get your puppy used to different places, people, smells and sounds. It is vital for puppies to go through this process of socialisation as it provides them with a good foundation from which to learn how to politely greet people and other dogs.

The window of opportunity to socialise your puppy where it’s going to have the greatest impact is the first three months. Any later and the puppy’s personality is becoming more established and harder to mould. If your puppy will be under three months when you return to work and you’re worried they won’t have much opportunity for socialisation, we have plenty of experience doing this and can make friendly introductions with other dogs we know won’t frighten your puppy.

We are here to support you from the day you bring your puppy home until they are old enough to join us on our regular walks from 6 months onwards.

What your puppy needs from a visit

· Food and water – young puppies usually need small frequent meals and we will feed your puppy during the visit, as well as providing fresh water.

· Regular cleaning – we’ll pick up any mess your puppy may have made and clean up after them. We will take your puppy outside to the toilet as soon as we get there and during the visit, to help with your puppy’s toilet training routine.

· Fun and games – we will provide lots of puppy entertainment with fun and games, including playing with toys and interaction. We can also provide some basic puppy training to reinforce your training regime and to keep your puppy stimulated.

· Settling down – we’ll then settle your puppy down for their next visit, or your return home from work.

We know that it’s hard to be away from your puppy the first few times so we’re more than happy to give you a full run down of each visit to ease your mind.

The full Puppy Package

Our Puppy Package is a tailored care program that we developed specifically for busy pet owners. Even if you haven’t got your puppy yet, it’s still good to know how they might be cared for when you can’t be there, so we’re happy to discuss how it might work for you, just get in touch with your local branch.

Age 8-15 weeks

When your new puppy first comes to live in your home they will need plenty of sleep, interaction and regular toilet breaks.

Your puppy will receive three 30 minute visits per day during those all-important early days.

During those visits, your puppy will get play, cuddles, toilet breaks, fresh water and food as necessary, and we will clean up any mess, too. Our carer will get to know your puppy and start to introduce basic training.

Age 15+ weeks

Once your puppy has been fully vaccinated (your vet will advise on when this will be) your puppy will be safe to start meeting other dogs and joining in with walks.

Your pup will have plenty of energy to burn, but won’t be ready for a full hour at this point, so from 14 weeks onwards we will provide socialisation walks within this time, so they can explore the big, wide world in a safe way. The walks will depend on your puppy’s requirements and we’ll talk through these with you.

Those first social walking experiences are important, so we are careful to ensure that any other dogs your puppy meets are friendly and provide lots of positive interaction. We will work on basic lead training and work up to recall when your pup is ready.

Age 6 months +

From 6 months onwards your pup will be ready to graduate from our Puppy Package onto our standard dog walks.

Free puppy course

Our care of your puppy doesn’t start and end with a visit or a walk, we want to enable you to be the best puppy owner you can be which is why we’ve developed an online Puppy Care course that guides you through all of the puppy essentials: feeding, care, socialising, training, carrying out puppy visits and much more.

Throughout the course, there are downloadable resources and training help sheets for you to use at home as well as quizzes to test your knowledge.

Certificates and a puppy journal

When your puppy is ready, they will get a graduation pack including training certificates and a completed puppy journal. You’ll be able to see all the milestones your pup has achieved and have a permanent record of their development.

Free puppy food

We’ll also give you a free bag of grain-free puppy food from our pet food shop.

Our puppy food has been developed by nutritionists to include high levels of quality protein to support growth, plus calcium and phosphorus to ensure correct bone development. The food is made here in the UK and is responsibly sourced.

If your puppy loves our food, then subscribe to our shop and get free delivery for life! You’ll receive complete nutrition for your pt delivered directly to your door and you’ll never run out of pet food again! Just speak to your local branch and they’ll give you a special voucher code to use.

What happens next?

Get in touch with your local branch! All We Love Pets puppy carers are local, friendly, love pups, are dedicated and extremely reliable. Everyone in our local teams is experienced in looking after dogs and will be excited to hear all about your puppy!

If you need extra peace of mind, we are police checked and fully insured. You can read all about us and how we got started in Our Story.

Once you’ve got in touch with your local branch, we will meet you and your adorable puppy at a time that suits you to make introductions and to talk through our puppy care service. You will have a regular puppy carer who you have met before and trust to enter your home. And if your regular puppy carer is unwell or on holiday, our teams will provide a flexible and continuous service, so your puppy will always be visited.