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Opportunities abound in the pet care industry

Opportunities abound – What the growing pet care industry could mean for you!

The pet care market has been growing steadily for years and has been one of the few industries to see significant expansion during the last 18 months. And while an increase in pet ownership has been a contributing factor, it’s not the only rising trend. Humanisation, premiumisation and nutritional awareness also play a huge role in the advancement of the market – especially with millennials and generation Z driving the movement.

As individuals and families navigate their way back to work, school and social activities, there remains a growing need for pet care services. The market has never been more promising or ripe with opportunity!

Lockdown Pets – a global phenomenon

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic brought change to every aspect of our lives, and for many, it brought a new pet as well. The Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association (PFMA) conducted a survey which found that about 3.2 million UK households had acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic. And it’s no wonder why.

With people staying at home during the lockdown periods, historical barriers to pet ownership were removed in an unprecedented way. The isolation measures left people with time, energy, and resources to devote to a pet that they may not have had beforehand. Not to mention the population of people living alone who turned to animal companionship when they couldn’t access human interaction.

Younger pet-owning population

The pandemic has only intensified a popular shift in pet owning trends. Pet ownership is now especially prevalent in the 20s and 30s age groups, as these populations are increasingly delaying their start of a traditional family structure, which typically includes marriage and children.

Additionally, the proliferation of animal images, videos, memes, and gifs have brought pets to the forefront of popular culture, which is especially resonant with younger generations. Social media channels are filled with compelling pet content!

Pets: Part of the family

This younger demographic of pet owners is shifting our perspective on pets as well. Where previously a dog or cat may have just been an addition to the household, they are now largely a part of the family. And family deserves the best!

As people become more conscious of their own diets, habits, and product consumption, they’re making similar decisions for their animal counterparts. Current pet owners are more likely to humanise their pets, providing them with the best products and services that the market offers.

And the growing pursuit for healthy eating is transforming pet food too – people are becoming much more intentional about what they feed their pets. There’s increasing awareness surrounding the health benefits that come from nutritious pet diets; spending a little bit more on premium food can reduce future vet bills and improve the quality of life for aging pets.

The Industry in Numbers

According to Pets at Home’s FY21 Annual Report, the UK pet care market has an estimated worth of about £6.2 billion and counting. Of that £6.2 billion, approximately two-thirds is spent on retail, which includes pet products, grooming and pet care services.

The same report estimates that the UK pet population is at roughly 33 million pets, an 8% increase within the last 12 months. And the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) 2021 annual PAW report found that 2 million pets had been acquired since March 2020.

The rise in ownership, alongside higher pet care spending has created a new opportunity for huge growth in the market.

Back to ‘normal’

As the population returns to ‘normal,’ resuming work and school away from home, as well as going on holiday and participating in social engagements, outsourcing pet care has become a necessity. Pet care providers have seen unprecedented numbers of enquiries and requests for walking, sitting, boarding, and grooming services – a trend that’s expected to continue.

Pets have never been more important to their owners and families, and the pet care consumer is opting for high quality, premium services from companies and individuals that are reliable and trustworthy. Service providers that offer credible qualifications, relative experience and crucial insurances are must-haves for pet owners. Companies like We Love Pets are highly sought after specifically for these features.

We Love Pets Franchise

Since 2007, We Love Pets has been an industry leader offering award winning pet care services in the UK. Our network boasts 65+ franchises in communities across England and Wales and is continuously expanding. With a surge in pet care enquiries, we have experienced significant growth over the past year and are looking towards an even brighter and busier future!

With an advancing market, there’s never been a better time to join the pet care industry – and no better way than with We Love Pets. Interested in a franchise? Get in touch with us today, we would love to hear from you!