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We Love Pets launches 3 new franchises

If three’s a crowd, then we certainly don’t mind! We Love Pets is thrilled to announce the launch of three new franchises this month.

What do a project manager, railway engineer, IT professional, and office manager have in common? More than you think! Franchisees Gabby & Dave, Jannes, and Joe traded in their day jobs to begin careers as their own bosses with We Love Pets. They’re looking forward to a gaining a flexible work life balance and the opportunity to work with animals. Read more about our new Cambridge, Billericay, and Maidstone branches below:

We Love Pets Cambridge

Husband and wife team, Dave & Gabby, had considered a We Love Pets franchise off and on for years – but never felt like the timing was quite right. While working on the railways, Dave flipped between days and nights, which made their family life pretty inflexible. The combination of Gabby working from home, facilitating home learning, and Dave’s unpredictable schedule brought them back around to the franchise idea. Gabby & Dave were drawn to the security and support offered by a franchise – as opposed to setting up on their own – and the fact that it was a business opportunity that would work with their family lifestyle was a huge benefit. When asked what they’re most looking forward to? They both agree that they’re most excited to be doing something that allows them to work for themselves, while getting to work with animals along the way.

We Love Pets Billericay

Former IT professional, Jannes, found his way to the pet care industry as his love for dogs made him the perfect person for friends to call on with their pet care needs whilst away on holiday. Soon, word of mouth spread and Jannes found himself dog walking and house sitting more often than not! Jannes knew he wanted to work with animals and find a way to make it financially rewarding as well. Instead of setting up on his own, he researched pet care franchises that would allow him to work with animals and grow a successful and scalable business. When he stumbled across We Love Pets, Jannes was sold. He’s looking forward to starting this next chapter in his dream career.

We Love Pets Maidstone

Joe’s ultimate goal had always been to work for himself, and while he enjoyed his role as an office manager, he knew it wasn’t something he could do forever. After ‘ticking all the boxes,’ – marriage, house, and puppy – Joe thought, ‘what am I waiting for?’ Bringing home their puppy, Winston, got Joe thinking about how much enjoyed being around animals. He started to consider the idea of investing in a pet care franchise, and We Love Pets stood out as it was one of a few that offered services for all types of pets. Joe liked the franchise model because it gave him the tools for set up and success, with the autonomy of being responsible for his success.

Want to find out more about Gabby & Dave, Jannes, or Joe’s journeys to franchise ownership? You can read their full blogs and case studies of other franchisees here. Our franchisees come from all different backgrounds, with one thing in common – the pursuit of a career they’re passionate about.

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